[meta] Notification spam

Please I’m begging you disable unnecessary notifications! I don’t want your badges and I especially don’t want to be notified about them the same way that I’m notified about actually relevant things.
I’m talking about defaults btw, I don’t need help disabling my own notifications.

You must be a bit more clear on what you mean.
I have no idea what you are talking about.

I just earned a badge for editing my message. And it’s not distinguished from your reply. By default you also get an email every week, with an activity summary, where it will say “2 Notifications”, even if it’s just that you got a badge. To be fair, I only get emails for actual interactions, such as your reply.

Well I’m afraid it’s not something we can fix i think. Try searching your preferences if there is something there regarding this.

I also receive those notifications, but never via mail at least.