About organizations - billing email


I want to ask a maybe stupid question! When I go to create a new organization, I should type a billing email. What the purpose of this field? Organizations are free on Bitwarden_rs?

It’s just something that the clients require but the server doesn’t use for anything, you can write anything in there as long as it looks like an email, like abc@example.com.

There are no paid features in bitwarden_rs.

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Any chance we can get this added to the github documentation so that people who… dare I say… RTFM (me) learn that it’s just a required (but useless) field? :slight_smile:

I didn’t know, and was confused (despite reading the manual thoroughly), until I found this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We changed it already for a while to just Email.
So, no confusion anymore.

There is not necessarily confusion on that something is going to get paid, but I assumed it has to be a valid email adress and some form of notification is going to be sent to it.

I considered asking the same thing as Bloodyiron myself :smiley:

Well, the Wiki can be adjusted by anyone with a Github account. So feel free to improve the documentation.

Also, that field isn’t really useless in some situations, like when using it in a small company or sharing with friends where you can link that org directly to a specific mail address.

That’s great, I did not notice that you have the wiki unlocked.
I will do just that later then, thank you!