Maximum Number Of Users/Items


Would anyone know what the maximum number of user/items are on a single instance of vaultwarden?

I’m not aware of any limits. I think if you have too many items the load time will increase but I don’t think we have the data to know how much is too much. (Like any application the maximum will also depend on your processor, memory and disk storage.)

C.f. Vault data disappears when upgrading 1.23.0 -> 1.25.0 · Issue #3111 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub (where a user had over 40k ciphers and reported a load time of ~28 seconds).

edit: I also think that the client would be the bottleneck in this case (as it is responsible for actually decrypting the items).

I haven’t gotten around to testing myself quite yet, have we had any reports of differences between backend DBs chosen and performance impact?

I know the default sqlite is typically fine for most home users and SMBs who likely rarely edit even large record sets.
I would wonder though how that scales though if say you had 10k users with conservatively even ~5% of users making changes within any given timeframe.
I’d imagine sqlite may run into some issues and a more robust DB like postgres or maria may be preferred.

I think this Reddit post can shed some light on your question.
Link to the post: Reddit - Dive into anything