Make Argon2id default for new users

Hi all!

I’m busy setting up Vaultwarden to use in our company. I noticed the support for Argon2id and I would like it to make it default for all new users as KDF.

I looked in de code and I found in the file /db/models/ (vaultwarden/ at main · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub) line 83 pub const CLIENT_KDF_TYPE_DEFAULT: i32 = UserKdfType::Pbkdf2 as i32;. I’ve changed it to UserKdfType::Argon2id rebuild my docker and created a new customer, without any luck. The customer was created but Pbkdf2 was still the used KDF.
In the same file I’ve changed line 123/124 (client_kdf_memory and client_kdf_parallelism) but that resulted in an error at building my docker image.

Can anybody tell we what I should change to make Argon2id default?

Kind regards!

That will not work i think. The client provides the defaults as far as i know. Though i haven’t looked into it that well.

What do you mean with the client, you mean the browser? I’ve created the new user through the ‘normal’ webvault interface.

The client is any client. web-vault, mobile, desktop, extension.