Better ciphers Argon2

It has been requested for years in bitwarden forum with no progress and I wonder if this could be added to vaultwarden.

Quick and short answer, no.

Main reason is that the backend does not do any encryption. Only the clients encrypt and decrypt. So if one client uses method x, the other clients also need to support that.

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Ok, I understand but then, when you import your passwords on Vaultwarden web ui and you have them in a plain text on a CSV, aren’t the credentials encrypted at this point by vaultwarden?

I understand that then in order for a client to unencrypted the file both sides would need to be able to use the same encryption/decryption but I’m asking for curiosity.

The server never ever receives unencrypted secrets.

See: Encryption | Bitwarden Help & Support

There is a link also to the white paper which explains it in more details.