Login with Device: Fingerprint passphrase mismatch

I just completed the update to the latest version of the server (1.30.1) and everything seems to be working fine with one exception. The Login with device feature is working and the notifications pop up immediately on my Android device (Pixel 7). The device authorization also works as expected.

The only problem is that the Fingerprint passphrase NEVER matches between the device requesting authorization (browser login, Chrome Extension, or another Android device) and my phone which is granting the approval.

Is there a setting I’ve missed or something that needs to be done on my end to fix?

A simple but often effective step is to restart both your Android device and the devices attempting to request authorization. This can resolve temporary glitches that might be causing the mismatch.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually restarted all devices on multiple occasions with no difference in results. I even wiped the app data and reconfigured from scratch on my phone. I also changed the authorization device from my phone to my tablet. In EVERY instance, NONE of the fingerprints matched.

I absolutely love this feature and will likely continue using it even with the fingerprint mismatch. I don’t expose my Vaultwarden to the internet and it’s only my wife and I using it. Still, it’s disappointing that this is happening, especially since nobody else seems to be experiencing the issue

Also, you can try clearing the cache and data of the Vaultwarden app on both devices. Sometimes, cached data can cause issues. After clearing, reconfigure the app.

Again, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve pretty much done that already. However, when I have a chance over the next few days, I’m going to take the following steps as a final measure to fix this:

  1. Stop the Vaultwarden Docker container completely
  2. Wipe Android app data AND uninstall Android app on all devices
  3. Uninstall AND remove all browser Bitwarden extensions and delete all browser caches and cookies
  4. Restart all devicess
  5. Restart Vaultwarden docker container
  6. Reinstall Bitwarden apps and Chrome extensions
  7. Reconfigure all aps and extensions from scratch

If that doesn’t fix it, then something very strange is going on with my setup.

When stopping and restarting the Vaultwarden Docker container, verify the configuration settings. Ensure that any updates or changes in the configuration are intentional and correct.
Apart from that, when wiping the Android app data and uninstalling the apps, make sure to clear all related data and cache thoroughly. Sometimes, remnants of data left behind can cause issues when reinstalling.
I know these minor steps can also play a key role.

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