Live Sync between devices

I’m new on bitwarden_rs. I come from LastPass :slight_smile:
I installed it on my Synology and it works like a charm!! Many thanks for this app!

But, for me, the most important feature which I need is the sync between devices! Used to cloud services, I don’t have the reflex to refresh every time I open the app on my smartphone.

Pleeeeeease :innocent:

Then i suggest to go for

This has been talked about a few times on the forum and github if im correct. We can’t do this easily, and we would need to make use of the push services for this which need a self hosted key/license.

It should work automatically the sync between devices. I have been using the plugins for chrome, firefox, edge and Android app and always sync at startup.

For me I have to configure websockets in Nginx on my Synology to sync between browsers. Without this, sync is not live but asynchronous

yes, it works, I tested few minutes ago. I made a test site with user and pass in chrome, then I open firefox and the new site was there. (be sure the second browser is opened after you save the site)
only android app(stand alone) needs to pull down to refresh. it shows in settings the sync and last sync time and if you press this option you can activate pull down to refresh.

With websockets sync works on all clients except mobile and cli because they do not use websockets. Mobile clients use the push services which only works for the official bitwarden server.