Is there a way to test Livesync / websockets is working

as per title, having some issues with updates from desktop to browser only showing one way without manual sync, looking to be able to confirm 100% I have websockets working correctly Anyone know how?

You can go directly to https://vaultwarden.domain.tld/notifications/hub or wherever your domain is for /notifications/hub if using another subpath and should see a message such as

WebSocket Protocol Error: Unable to parse WebSocket key.

See for more information.

A good way to “test” and make sure websockets are functioning though, currently this works in the web browser, extension, and desktop app.
You can open either 2/3 of these in the webvault, browser extension, or desktop app. Connect them to your self-hosted URL of the Vaultwarden instance and login to your account. Create an entry (i.e a test secure note) in one application, you should see the change reflected on the others and can be edited and the changes should sync across all.


WebSocket Protocol Error: Unable to parse WebSocket key.

The correct output if its working correctly?

EDIT: Played with the ports and using the notifications hub its showing that error but looks to be syncing between desktop and brave browser automatically so think its all OK. Thanks