Is it possible to automate the dump of passwords?

I backup the Bitwarden vault on a regular basis in case things go wrong. This is for all my users, and what I backup is encrypted data.

I would like (for me, but also for others who I support 24/7/365, think “parents”) to be able to programmatically/CLI dump the cleartext version of my passwords, just in case.

I fully understand the consequences, but this data goes into a place that, if it is compromised, means way more trouble than lost passwords.

Is there a command-line way to dump the cleartext password database (for a given user), by that user themselves?

I think you want

Thank you. This is seriously complicated for accounts that have MFA enabled (for one the OTP method does not work for my account, despite using it to authenticate).

I will keep on trying and be back here with some recipes to do that in an automated way

For it to work without MFA/2FA we need to implement API Tokens. Which we currently do not have.