Internet access error

Hello everyone,

I currenlty run vaultwarden on a Synology Nas, using docker.
It is really a powerful solution with lof of features.

I am facing one issue regarding Internet access.
In the Diagnostics menu of Admin console, both “Internet access” and “DNS (” are in Error.
I think I did something wrong in the configuration.
I can acces to the web admin, end user webUI, also to the mobile app.
The only thing which is not working is the server to connect to Internet.

Here are the details of my installation :

  • running on Synology docker (local port : 8480, container port : 80)
  • running behind a reverse proxy (hosted on the Synology Nas) :
    • source protocol https
    • source host : bitwarden . mydomain . com
    • source port : 443
    • destination protocol : http
    • destination host : localhost
    • destination port : 8480
  • Vaultwarden settings (that were changed regarding default settings) :

You can find below the screenshot of the errors…

Can anyone help me to find what is going wrong ?

Many thanks !

This may be a firewall related issue in the Synology NAS

See this post

It may help

thanks, it was a firewall issue.

I had to allow to connect to any (outgoing)

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