Wrong config - No match in Diagnostics

since a few weeks I can’t get connection with my vaultwarden server.
What’s going wrong?

My Config: Synology NAS with docker (vaultwarden).
Fritzbox router with firewall config for port forwarding
latest SW on NAS.
No connection possible via safari (MACOS), firefox or by my iPhone.

Use the https://xxxxx.synology.me/admin/diagnostics in your browser to connect to Vaultwarden. Don’t use the internal IP and Port 5151 to get there.

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Ups.hmm - to be honest - that doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work with the IP address and https at the start. Currently only HTTP runs.
Oh my… what have I done wrong? I thought my DNS is configured correctly.
– so was blödes –
Thanks for your tip, but what can I do next? what can I check?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-24 um 18.34.11

My problem is solved. It was the firewall inside my NAS. Now all is working fine again.
Thanks for support.

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I have noted it down. Will keep in my mind next time.