Improvements to the LDAP Directory Connector support

Hi @BlackDex
Many thanks for this extra effort which you have done.
Our maingoal would still be to implement the current Directory Service to Vaultwarden so we can create, delete and sync LDAP Users to Vaultwarden.
E.g. a new user joins our company and because of the sync will be sent automaticly a invite to vaultwarden where the user is forced to create a master password.
Our developer which would be willing to help has currently the issue, that he needs more background infos to give a better estimate.
Would you or Dani be able to invest a day worth of time with this developer so we could give him the Go for this timeframe? Or do you think a day worth of time isn’t enough to analyze what needs to be done?

@BlackDex @dani
Could someone please reply to my last question?
The external developer is waiting for our Go or NoGo.


@dwr I can’t speak for @dani (but i think it’s the same) but i do have a full time job so i can’t really allocate a full day for this.

Since I paved the credential part already, it should only be a matter of creating the correct API endpoints and except the correct JSON, and return the correct JSON where needed. And of course call the correct functions to create, delete, disable whatever is needed for it.

I have no clue which endpoints need to be created since i have not checked those.
For the endpoints it self, since i at least know they are the public API endpoints, you should be able to check the documentation over here: Bitwarden Public API | Bitwarden Help & Support
And follow the self-hosted API part. A Swagger interface can be found here: Though that is for the SaaS version. But Vaultwarden does not provide the self-hosted API Documention.