Docker Version Display Mismatch

I am using docker-compose and I updated the docker image to the latest (1.15.0-1aa5e0d4).

But, in “/admin/diagnostics”, it still shows the old version with the newest commit ID.

Also, the “docker-compose logs” shows the same thing.
But, on the front end, it shows 2.14.0 (which is part of the latest commit).

So, I’m confused, is it not properly updated, or is there a display issue?

Please see screenshot:

It seems the docker container isn’t restarted correctly.
The diagnostics overview shows the version embedded in the code which should be correct.

If I’m correct you should first stop the containers, do a compose-up and then start it again.

But I’m not sure. Never really used compose that much.

Or, is this compiled by source maybe?

Currently, this is happening if you pull latest because that commit was built before 1.15.0 was tagged, even though they’re identical commits.

It’s just an artifact of how the version string is generated:

It should fix itself when latest is updated to the next commit. If it really bothers you, you can pull the 1.15.0 tag instead.

Thank you for the replies and information.

@BlackDex, I did run docker-compose down first, which completely stops the containers. I also checked by running docker ps -a, and it showed it was stopped completely.

I tried a few times, just to be sure, and even purged the previous container.

But, I think @jjlin 's answer is correct. Thank you for the information. It doesn’t really bother me aesthetically, per se, but I wanted to be sure that I’m not running in some kind of mixed version mode where some pieces are half old and half new.

So, I will wait till the next time it’s updated and pull the latest then.

Thank you for the info.

Ah, indeed.
That is a bit confusing. Maybe it should check the version and hash value separately in cases like this. I will try to think about a good solution for cases like this.