Cannot create users

Hey all… so I’m running vaultwarden on my archlinux server install (from the aur, non docker). For the most part everything works great. But last month I decided to create a new user. In the past I remember going into the admin pannel and just adding a new user manually, but now it looks like I have to invite and they have to create accounts, which unfortunately does not seem to be working for me.

Whenever I hit the create account button (whether from an invite, or whether I turn registration on in the server). I get this error pop up in the browser.

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Honestly I’ve got no idea what’s gone wrong with it, again everything but registering new users seems to be working great. It’s a small instance with just accounts for me and 2 or 3 family members right now. I’d be fine creating an account the old fashioned way (If I recall before I could just make a user and password in the admin pannel in the old RS days)

Are you sure you have updated both vaultwarden and vaultwarden-web? They should be at 1.27.0 and 2022.12.0.

Huh, That got it go figure… Honestly I’m kind of confused since I’ve had the problem for weeks… I update my arch packages daily and generally speaking. But literally right after reading that post I sshed into my server. did a pacman -Syu, and I’ll be darned vaultwarden updated… and after running the updates and rebooting, registering new users worked. Thank you so much!.

I could have sworn I did 5 or 6 update all packages in the time I was trying to figure this out. But guess this time was the charm. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.

I just ran into this same issue. I was running the built in port pkg for FreeBSD. After pulling down and compiling 1.27.0 from GH i can confirm that users can now be created successfully! Appreciate the info here.