New Bitwarden client install - login error

I didn’t change anything on my Vaultwarden installation. I just bought a new MacBook Pro M1 and I’ve installed the latest Bitwarden client (2024.2.0 build 20587). When I try logging in, I get this error message:
What’s the cause for this and how to fix this?
My other clients are all working fine (2 Android phones, 1 MacBook Pro Intel-based and 1 Windows 11 PC).

Based on previous issues related to the same error seen here cannot read properties of null (reading 'iterations') I would suggest to see what version of the Vaultwarden server you are running, and possibly iodate that if you are using an outdated version.

I’m running vaultwarden/latest (docker from github).
So, what’s next to try?
BTW: the browser plugin is working both in Firefox and in Brave.

Next is to verify that you are indeed using the latest version which you can do by running something like (just replace with your actual base URL):

curl -s | jq .server.version

If it does not return "1.30.5" you are not using the newest vaultwarden/server:latest image but an outdated version. This could be the case because you use an outdated version of docker or have not actually pulled the newest image or recreated the container after pulling the latest image.

I don’t have the jq Linux command on my MacOS Sonoma, anyway: I am running the vaultwarden/server:latest as I have this in my Docker config. Adding to this, the fact that 1 hour ago I pulled the most actual “latest” version and rebuilt the container.
Here the last part of the curl output:

Check the F12 Developer console of the desktop client to see what might be the issue.

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Thank you for the hint. This led me to see that I had a type (missing 1 character) in the URL :frowning:
Sorry for bothering and thanks for the help!