Can not enroll in account recovery

Hello, running 1.30.5-f05398a6 here, and much of vaultwarden and bitwarden are very new to me. I suspect I’ve overlooked something, though I haven’t seen any references in the docs to setting up anything specific for account recovery / admin password reset (besides the pages at

I created an organization and have two additional users in the org. I’ve tested with my account, which is the org owner, and with a new test account, and when I try to enroll in account recovery from either account, I get this in the logs:

Jun 05 13:02:39 [vaultwarden] [2024-06-05 13:02:39.003][response][INFO] (get_organization_keys) GET /api/organizations/<org_id>/keys => 200 OK
Jun 05 13:02:39 [vaultwarden] [2024-06-05 13:02:39.763][request][INFO] PUT /api/organizations/39e583bf-50fe-41a0-86db-bfeefe01904d/users/246a5
Jun 05 13:02:39 [vaultwarden] [2024-06-05 13:02:39.763][vaultwarden::api][ERROR] No validation provided
Jun 05 13:02:39 [vaultwarden] [2024-06-05 13:02:39.763][response][INFO] (put_reset_password_enrollment) PUT /api/organizations/<org_id>/users/
<org_user_id>/reset-password-enrollment => 400 Bad Request

Things are setup behind nginx as proxy, websockets are working, push notifications are working, etc. I feel like I’m missing something obvious with this one as I can’t see anyone else has run in to this issue, but, figured I should check here now that I think I’ve exhausted my documentation resources.

Is there any further information I can provide to help see if this is an issue I created or if there’s an issue in the current git source?

Debug logs didn’t provide any further details around the issue.

Perhaps I didn’t mention that I’m using the bw_web build 2024.5.0 as well.

Filed v2024.5.0 doesn't allow one to enroll in account recovery · Issue #167 · dani-garcia/bw_web_builds · GitHub as switching to bw_web build v2024.3.1 works fine with enrolling in recovery.