Blockchain backend

Has there been any discussion on using blockchain as a backend for vault warden?
I’m not taking about BTC or ETH, but the new layer 1s blockchains that have come out.
In particular sui, which uses rust as the smart contract language.

I’m researching if this is even possible and if consumers would really want this.
Is it possible to wrap the API to interact with dApps ?
Personally, not having to worry about managing a database is a huge win.

Vaultwarden (and also Bitwarden) is based upon relational databases.
Also, Vaultwarden uses Diesel, and in theory it can use all databases supported by Diesel, any other is a no-go because that needs a lot of changes done and will be counterintuitive.

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I believe this is something that would need to first be added to have support upstream, but does appear to be in the radar.

Though I personally wouldn’t hold your breath for any developments anytime soon, though it very well may happen.
Feel free to chime in your support

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