Any Plans to have a Imprint link in the login Page?

Could be a field added in the Admin Panel, to enable a Inprint /about us site?
could also be just a link. But as the rules are in Germany, you need to provide that, otherwise it is not legal.

I think you mean Imprint. But that is only for commercial usage.
And Vaultwarden isn’t intended for commercial usage.

If you want to, i suggest to add it your self.

I Understand that, but in Germany you are also required to provide an Imprint or such (Datenschutzerfassung & Impressum) as a private Person. It doesnt matter if you use it commercial or private. If it is open in the Internet, you have to provide it.

I understand if you are not focussed on that kind of stuff, but i thought it wouldnt harm to ask.
As for now, i dont think im capable of adding it myself.

I personally use a vpn, but i know many, which use it public available.

Well, if it is only an endpoint, then it could be done easily. Else I suggest to report this to Bitwarden, since they create the web-vault, and also provide self hosted installs.

If you have any documentation or links regarding this, that could be helpful. My German isn’t that good, but i understand a bit.