1.22.2-9930a0d7 -> 1.23.0-a2316ca0 error

I attempted an update from 1.22.2-9930a0d7 to 1.23.0-a2316ca0 this AM. When I started the service, the following error occured.

[2021-11-01 08:15:58.254][vaultwarden::util][WARN] Can’t connect to database, retrying: DieselMig.
[CAUSE] QueryError(
“type “datetime” does not exist”,

switching back, the system runs fine. I am uncertain what the issue is.

I built the new binary after a git pull

git pull
cargo build --features sqlite,mysql,postgresql --release

$ ./target/release/vaultwarden --version
vaultwarden 1.23.0-a2316ca0

Thoughts? I may try a clean clone and rebuild later today.

Already a PR to fix this Fix PostgreSQL migration by jjlin · Pull Request #2080 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub

Thanks. Had not checked the current PRs. My bad.