Wrong domain configuration

Hi Everyone,
I think this is a well known probelm I am facing, but I could not figure it out yet, why I am getting a 404 error by Vaultwarden.
I got a new NAS and moved over from my old server with open media vault being installed. On the new NAS I am using proxmox and I setup a LXC container with vaultwarden with the help of the helperscripts (helperscripts - Vaultwarden LXC). After a while I found the .env file located in the /opt/vaultwarden/ directory and set the admin token option to access the admin page.
There I have configure the domain to be "https://vw.myDomain.de/. Ive got another LXC container with nginx and a ddnsclient running. So the domain provider knows my IP. My router is configured to forward the nginx port. In nginx I forward the domain request to the IP of the LXC container on port 8000 (default vaultwarden port). Everthing is working and I get to the vaultwarden page, but it displays the 404 error, which indicates that the configured domain and the access domain are not equal. I have even copied the URL but still getting the error. Does someone has an idea how to find the reason behind that?
Via local IP, I can access the web-vault but since in my local network I do not have ssl, I can not login.
I appreciate your expertise!

Seems like nginx configuration problem. Could you show your server config?

About LXC. Why you use some script to run vaultwarden? Inside LXC you can run docker container and use official vaultwarden images.
I also use LXC to run vaultwarden and have installed by this guide with one tweak (unprivileged yes and nesting enable). It works perfect

I Just moved over to proxmox with my new NAS and I found the helper Scripts, so i wanted to Test them.
Meanwhile I have managed to migrate my Database from docker to the lxc Container. But still getting the 404 Error.
I do not know where to start searching. Dies nginx forward the domain Name? I guess that is, what the web-vault misses.
edit: here is the nginx configuration

“id”: 1,
“created_on”: “2024-06-14 19:03:15”,
“modified_on”: “2024-06-18 20:41:08”,
“owner_user_id”: 1,
“domain_names”: [
“forward_host”: “”,
“forward_port”: 8000,
“access_list_id”: 0,
“certificate_id”: 1,
“ssl_forced”: true,
“caching_enabled”: false,
“block_exploits”: false,
“advanced_config”: “”,
“meta”: {
“letsencrypt_agree”: false,
“dns_challenge”: false
“allow_websocket_upgrade”: false,
“http2_support”: true,
“forward_scheme”: “http”,
“enabled”: 1,
“locations”: ,
“hsts_enabled”: true,
“hsts_subdomains”: false

What version of nginx do you use?

thanks for you support, I have given up the web vault and just access the tresor throught the bitwarden apps/plugins. However the nginx version is v2.11.2 and is running in a seperate lxc container