[WIP] Admin diagnostic page

It would be nice if within the admin page the following items available for some quick diagnostic.

  • DNS Check (Can bitwarden_rs resolve github.com for example).
  • Version information (bwrs and vault) (Is already in the top right corner, but just nice to be listed)
  • Copy/Pastable representation of the configuration (with sensitive data redacted)
  • Current Date/Time reported by the host/container (Useful for TOTP issues)
  • Last x lines of the logfile
  • Overview of diskspace used by icon_cache, attachments and database.
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Sounds like a great idea to me! We might need to create a separate page/tab for it as the admin page is getting a bit cramped with all the options.

Yea indeed. I also was thinking of moving the users to a different tab.
If you have just 2 or 4 users it’s no issue. But with 8 or more you just keep on scrolling for the settings.

Most options have been implemented.
Some still need to be added, but the start is there.
The new bitwarden_rs version with the changed admin interface is available now.