Win client v2023.12.0 sync error

Two separate deployments of VW 1.30.1
Upon upgrading Win client to 2023.12.0 the sync encounters error. Encountering on both deployments.
Reverted Win client back to 2023.10.1 and working again.
Others encountering this?

Also bump on WS Sync Unlock Win Desktop client
Isn’t it desired behavior for the Win client to auto sync while locked and/or force sync upon unlock?
Others encountering this?

Thank you!

Yep, same here.
Was looking to see if there was already mention of it.

I’ll open a github issue…

Strangely after re-installing desktop client on two separate Win10 / VW deployments it’s now syncing successfully.

Probably a logout of the account and login again would also have solved it. Maybe something in the cache in regards to the refresh token has changed client side?

Ya, must of been. Can’t remember if I tried logout initially.
But do know that the uninstall of desktop client v2023.12.0 and then reinstalled 2023.10.1 had completely defaulted config. So had to point to private server + login.
Upon upgrading again to 2023.12.0 from 2023.10.1 it syncs without requiring new login.
I’ll remember to first try fresh login in future if encounter sync issue following update.

On the other topic. Do you know of anyway to force Win desktop client to automatically force sync upon unlock?

Yeah. After opening a ticket, I was suggested a logout / login and it worked for me.