Webauthn Support

I’m really loving what the Vaultwarden project brings in terms of privacy and usability. The one thing that I wish it had support for though is Webauthn Two-factor support like the official Bitwarden service has. This would allow for users to use many other types of authentication to log into Vaultwarden such as Face ID, Touch ID (on Mac OS too), Windows Hello, and probably more that I can’t think of.

Bitwarden 2FA Screen:

The current version Vaultwarden 2FA Screen only has the option for FIDO U2F Security Key. Webauthn would replace the existing “FIDO U2F Security Key” implementation. I understand that there is already support for Face ID when unlocking the app, but that functionality isn’t there for logging in and I think it would make a really good addition to the codebase if possible.

Thanks to the contributors for your consideration and time!

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The current testing version supports webauthn. You could try and use that.

Does anybody know if there is a way to set the WebAuthn to have a TTL of e.g. 7 days. Then each Application such as a Browser-Extension has to re-verify though WebAuthn when trying to contact the API-Server?