Vaultwarden on macOS

HI! I’m brand new to BitWarden, Vaultwarden, and this forum.

I’m trying to get Vaultwarden running on an iMac running macOS 11 for the use of our Scout troop. What’s the best way to do that? Docker offers a desktop client, but I’m concerned that it wouldn’t run while logged out. There’s a Docker Homebrew cask; perhaps that would solve that problem.

What else do I need to know to make this work?

I hope my answer isn’t too late.
Well, to start with, Docker is indeed a good choice for running Vaultwarden, as it simplifies the process of setting up and managing the server.
You can download Docker Desktop for Mac from the official Docker website. The installation process is straightforward: just follow the instructions provided by the installer.
After installation, Docker should run as a background service, which means it will continue to operate even if you’re logged out. However, this depends on your system settings and how Docker is configured.