Use of a separate domain for Send

Where a Send link issued from the official Bitwarden instance looks something like, Bitwarden_rs instances are often installed on a subdomain of a main dedicated website. Thus, the links are in the form sub.domain.tld/send, or domain.tld/vault/send in some cases.

This obviously raises some concerns:

  • some users may not want to disclose the address of their personal Bitwarden instance
  • sending a link via the Send feature and the URL gives a very long link

So I propose adding a dedicated URL/subdomain (optional) for the Send functionality, which would give something like send.domain.tld. It is already possible to replicate such a setup by adding a DNS and doing some URL rewriting on a separate subdomain, but integrating this functionality into Bitwarden_rs would be more suitable, if only for copying the links when creating them.

I am totally agree with this