VaultWardens send does not work

I started docker, imported all the passwords and decided to check the sending function. Created a link But for some reason, when I click the download button, an endless download starts.

Can you provide more information, e.g. the diagnostic string from the admin panel? Which browser version and OS are you using? And how big was the file you were trying to download?

os on the server - linux ubuntu
On PC - linux arch
browser - chrome
I tried to download files of different sizes from 1 MB to 150
it seems to me that the problem may be that I use keendns from keenetic since I do not have a personal IP address and domain.

Have you set the DOMAIN environment variable?

From the .env.template:

## Domain settings
## The domain must match the address from where you access the server
## It's recommended to configure this value, otherwise certain functionality might not work,
## like attachment downloads, email links and U2F.
## For U2F to work, the server must use HTTPS, you can use Let's Encrypt for free certs
# DOMAIN=https://vw.domain.tld:8443

What is the path of this file?

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