Unable to send files larger then 150MB

i am not sure if this is a bugg or not, despite the message say that Max file size is 500 MB
but i did try to send a file larger then 150MB and did not work
i did try with 150, 120 does not work

An Error has occured
Failed to fetch

[2023-03-03 19:35:17.181][request][INFO] POST /api/sends/file/v2
03/03/2023 19:35:17
[2023-03-03 19:35:17.184][response][INFO] (post_send_file_v2) POST /api/sends/file/v2 => 200 OK
03/03/2023 19:39:30
[2023-03-03 19:39:30.769][request][INFO] DELETE /api/sends/93df4fdc-3df8-4311-a31a-d07347d4ded7
03/03/2023 19:39:30
[2023-03-03 19:39:30.770][request][INFO] DELETE /api/sends/563c642d-0fb7-4dd8-8be7-9f152a645ba7
03/03/2023 19:39:30
[2023-03-03 19:39:30.781][response][INFO] (delete_send) DELETE /api/sends/ => 200 OK
03/03/2023 19:39:30
[2023-03-03 19:39:30.783][response][INFO] (delete_send) DELETE /api/sends/ => 200 OK

but does work with 100 MB

Probably your reverse proxy is blocking larger body sizes

i am only using Nginx Proxy Manager and cloudflare

any idea on how to fix this ?

With nginx you can configure client_max_body_size (and the Nginx Proxy Manager should not be different in that aspect) but Cloudflare apparently limits the max upload size to 100 MB for their free and pro plans

so do you have any recommendation then ?

Don’t use Cloudflare.

can you recommand any other service then cloudflare ?

Nope not really. I just host on my VPS, nothing in between like Cloudflare.

i will change back then from where i bought the domain and set the NS,
i will come back with a replay

i can confirm that moving from cloudflre did fix the problem