Unable to confirm from devices, code 422 error in the log

I’m running vaultwarden 0.20.0 from homeassistant.

When I attempt to log in to the vault and choose device authentication I see a pending login request in the app with the matching fingerprint phrase, but selecting ‘Confirm login’ results in the following:

[2023-09-18 10:56:48.932][response][INFO] (get_auth_request) GET /api/auth-requests/ => 200 OK
[2023-09-18 10:56:49.134][request][INFO] PUT /api/auth-requests/<redacted_uuid>
[2023-09-18 10:56:49.134][vaultwarden::api::core::accounts::][WARN] Data guard Json < AuthResponseRequest > failed: Parse(“{"key":"<redacted_key>","masterPasswordHash":null,"deviceIdentifier":"<redacted_uuid>","requestApproved":true}”, Error(“invalid type: null, expected a string”, line: 1, column: 381)).
[2023-09-18 10:56:49.135][rocket::server::
][WARN] No 422 catcher registered. Using Rocket default.
[2023-09-18 10:56:49.135][response][INFO] (put_auth_request) PUT /api/auth-requests/ => 422 Unprocessable Entity

Again, I’m running this on homeassistant, with apache doing reverse proxy and SSL.

Everything else is seemingly working fine, although I’d like to get push notifications set up, I don’t know if that’s supported out of the box, I didn’t see any configuration options in general or advanced, or in the HA addon configuration.

I did some looking for anyone else that has had this particular issue and haven’t seen anything recent.

Search GitHub, a lot of duplicate are there. But the bottom line is, use testing tagged images.

So wait for a new homeassistant version, I can do that.