Unable to access attachments


i recently moved my docker-vaultwarden installation from one host to another.

I did that by simply making a tar of all the data and volumes and spinning it up on the new host with docker-compose.

Everything works except one thing: the attachments.

  • i see all of my attachemnts in the gui
  • if i click them i got a spinner in the gui (spinning till infinity)
  • i see the download request in vaultwardens container log

But im not able to retrieve my attachments.

What am i missing, is there a proper way to export/backup attachments or is this simply not supported ?

Any tipps on this would be great, thx

You probably didn’t configured your DOMAIN variable correctly.
See: Configuration overview · dani-garcia/vaultwarden Wiki · GitHub

Also check the /admin/diagnostics page which should report an issue if it is incorrect.


Wow that was fast, you were right got wrong domain, cause i didn’t know that the general settings override env vars.

Attachemnts are working now, many thanks !