Sync not working & Folders are not getting displayed correctly in android app

i have hosted vaultwarden docker in my vps for first time & using caddy for reverse proxy to my .I can login to the web-ui fine but the issue is when i log into my account in the bitwarden android app , it doesn’t display all folders correctly . To be more specific , out of 11 folders from web-ui , none are getting displayed in android app . App weirdly has 2 folders ( one is secure notes & other is Education both of which i haven’t ever created ) The second issue is sync doesnt seem to work , i added a new entry through android app yesterday but its not showing up in the web ui . For additional context if its helpful , i would like to add that i have recently migrated from keepass to vaultwarden , so i had exported my keepass database to a csv file & then imported it to my vaultwarden account .

You probably created an account on instead.
Please logout, configure your domain and login again as described here: Connect Clients to your Instance | Bitwarden Help & Support