[SOLVED] Translation / language selection for the web vault pages


I’m about to self-host Bitwarden on my home server, and I want to provide accounts for my family members.

Sadly they don’t speak English, so I was hoping that there was an option that would allow to switch languages of the web vault pages, but it looks like this sort of option does not exist.

Is there any future plans to provide support for multiple languages on the web vault ? Or has any one been able to find a workaround ?


Hello @sappounet,

This is a per user setting.
In the web-vault go to settings > options.
There you can change the language.

Oh, that’s perfect.

Thanks for the information, and sorry for posting this message in “Feature Requests” where it should instead have been posted in “Help”.

Feel free to move it and mark it as [SOLVED]

Well, actually the emails that are sent by the Bitwarden server are still in English, even if the user language is set to French :pensive:

Seems like this setting is per user and per device?
Is there any option like a docker environment variables to provide a default language for every user?

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