[Solved] Sqlite database changed to read only mode. Unable to login

So this morning when trying to login to vaultwarden, i was greeted with an “Error saving device” message.
Naturally I went to the logs:

| Starting Vaultwarden |
| Version 1.23.1 |
| This is an *unofficial* Bitwarden implementation, DO NOT use the |
| official channels to report bugs/features, regardless of client. |
| Send usage/configuration questions or feature requests to: |
| https://vaultwarden.discourse.group/ |
| Report suspected bugs/issues in the software itself at: |
| https://github.com/dani-garcia/vaultwarden/issues/new |

[INFO] No .env file found.

[WARNING] The following environment variables are being overriden by the config file,
[WARNING] please use the admin panel to make changes to them:

[2022-01-17 10:17:02.318][parity_ws][INFO] Listening for new connections on
[2022-01-17 10:17:02.319][start][INFO] Rocket has launched from
[2022-01-17 10:17:39.324][request][INFO] POST /api/accounts/prelogin
[2022-01-17 10:17:39.325][response][INFO] POST /api/accounts/prelogin (prelogin) => 200 OK
[2022-01-17 10:17:39.335][request][INFO] POST /identity/connect/token
[2022-01-17 10:17:43.885][error][ERROR] Error saving device.
[CAUSE] DatabaseError(
"attempt to write a readonly database",
[2022-01-17 10:17:43.885][response][INFO] POST /identity/connect/token (login) => 400 Bad Request

This seemed weird to me, so i made the usual checks: Diskspace: still more than 100GB free, shouldn’t be an issue.
File permissions?
well, here is the output of ls -al:

total 412
drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users    222 Jan 17 04:26 ./
drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users    620 Dec 24 16:10 ../
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root    1459 Oct 27 12:30 config.json
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root  368640 Jan 17 04:26 db.sqlite3
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root   32768 Jan 17 04:27 db.sqlite3-shm
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root       0 Jan 17 04:26 db.sqlite3-wal
drwxr-xr-x 1 root   root    3524 Jan 12 10:17 icon_cache/
-rw------- 1 root   root    1191 Feb 12  2021 rsa_key.der
-rw------- 1 root   root    1675 Feb 12  2021 rsa_key.pem
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root     270 Feb 12  2021 rsa_key.pub.der
-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root     451 Jun 28  2021 rsa_key.pub.pem

Looks normal to me, considdering that this docker uses uid 1000 by default.

For completeness I have also included the config.json, but note that that has not been changed in a few months, and it has been working fine up untill this morning.

I saw in the issues on github that someone had a corrupt sqlite db, so I copied the db file to my pc, and tried opening it with “sqlitebrowser”. this tool was able to read and write to the copy, no problem. So I highly doubt the db is corrupted.

I am unsure on how to proceed, could anyone point me in the right direction?

Edit: forgot to include config.json:

  "domain": "[censored]",
  "sends_allowed": true,
  "disable_icon_download": false,
  "signups_allowed": false,
  "signups_verify": true,
  "signups_verify_resend_time": 3600,
  "signups_verify_resend_limit": 1,
  "org_creation_users": "[censored]",
  "invitations_allowed": false,
  "emergency_access_allowed": true,
  "password_iterations": 100000,
  "show_password_hint": false,
  "admin_token": "[censored]",
  "invitation_org_name": "Bitwarden_RS",
  "ip_header": "X-Real-IP",
  "icon_cache_ttl": 2592000,
  "icon_cache_negttl": 259200,
  "icon_download_timeout": 10,
  "icon_blacklist_non_global_ips": true,
  "disable_2fa_remember": false,
  "authenticator_disable_time_drift": false,
  "require_device_email": false,
  "reload_templates": false,
  "log_timestamp_format": "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%3f",
  "disable_admin_token": false,
  "_enable_yubico": false,
  "_enable_duo": false,
  "_enable_smtp": true,
  "smtp_host": "[censored]",
  "smtp_ssl": true,
  "smtp_explicit_tls": false,
  "smtp_port": 587,
  "smtp_from": "[censored]",
  "smtp_from_name": "Bitwarden_RS",
  "smtp_username": "[censored]",
  "smtp_password": "[censored]",
  "smtp_timeout": 15,
  "smtp_accept_invalid_certs": false,
  "smtp_accept_invalid_hostnames": false,
  "_enable_email_2fa": false,
  "email_token_size": 6,
  "email_expiration_time": 600,
  "email_attempts_limit": 3

Alright so after I’ve tried everything I could think of, I just rebooted my entire server. Of course this solved the issue…
I have checked the syslog, but I couldn’t really determine a cause, also my other dockers did not have any issues whatsoever.

For future reference: my OS is UnRaid version 6.9.2 and the solution was a reboot.

If anyone has any idea as to why this could have happened, I’m very interested, but I will mark the post as solved.

I have the same issue but unfortunately for me, the reboot didn’t work.
I gonna try to figure this out :fingercross:

I am running, Vaultwarden on docker - raspberry 4 (4Gb) - with Swag for the reverse proxy

A little chown did the trick, I thought this is due when I first created the container which was running in root.