[SOLVED] Show amount/number of passwords

I would like to know the number of passwords, which are in my vault.
As far as I’ve seen, there is no (total) count number of the passwords anywhere.

Well it’s a bit obscure, but if you click select all then move selected from the gear menu you get a count of items there

Thanks for replying! And thanks for your workaround.
As you said yourself, that it is a bit obscure, I would propose to make it more visible then :slight_smile:

In the browser extensions and mobile apps, the “My Vault” tab shows you the number of entries of each type (Login, Card, Identity, Secure Note).

Doing the web vault select-all method only seems to select 500 entries at a time, so it won’t give you an accurate count if you have more entries than that.

These counts are all implemented on the client side, which bitwarden_rs doesn’t really modify. So if you’d like this behavior changed, you should suggest it to the upstream Bitwarden project instead.

I was working on that in my admin interface update.
But i didn’t had much time these past few weeks to continue.
Hopefully i can do some stuff this weekend.

@robitwardenro you can now in the latest version see at least the amount of personal passwords per user.

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