[SOLVED] Question about WEBSOCKET_ENABLED and websocket now on http

I searched but since it is a new thing, I am not sure it has been asked yet.

I am trying to get the new websocket implementation working. I know it’s supposed to now be in embedded and listening on the default port (80.) My question is then- should I set WEBSOCKET_ENABLED to false then?

I still want websocket but with the above set to true it seems to say in the logs it’s listening on 3012. Should I assume if I set it to false (or just don’t set it at all) that the websocket will still remain active but just on http?

Edit- solved it. I was only really looking at the latest release. The note here - Release 1.29.0 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub - explains the env var is no longer needed.

Thanks for such a great product!