⚠️ [NOTE] BREAKING CHANGE in upcoming v1.31.0 stable version


We tend to remove the custom Websocket implementation currently including in Vaultwarden.
This implementation uses a separate port (3012) which you needed to configure correctly into your reverse proxy for websocket notifications to work.

Thanks to the work of @SergioBenitez and @Mai-Lapyst to add Websocket support to Rocket we can now provide this without custom ports and complex reverse proxy configurations.

Also, the new Login with device feature only works via this new Rocket Websocket implementation, and not via the old implementation.
So, to make full use of Vaultwarden we strongly encourage you to adjust your reverse proxy configuration to work with the new setup, since the old way will be removed from the next stable version.

Please check the wiki’s Proxy Examples for the updated versions.
Also, if you see any outdated example and know how to update it, please be so kind to help us and update the wiki example.

If you have any questions regarding this, please place your questions here.

For the PR which includes these changes see: Remove custom WebSocket code by BlackDex · Pull Request #4001 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub