[solved] Need help with cloudflare dns challenge


I’m trying to follow the docs here to setup DNS challenge using cloudflare.
I have my own domain (and subdomains) purchased and registered on a different domain provider (OVH). I’m stuck when I try to create the API token on cloudflare. On the step number 5

Under Zone Resources, set Include / Specific zone / example.com (replacing example.com with your domain).

The input to put my domain is greyed and disabled. Did I miss something ? Or are these instructions only valid for domain purchased and registered on cloudflare platform ?

SOLVED: Ok it was not clear in the doc for me how to change my servernames in cloudflare, and that I had to add a site in “Website” section, putting my domain, then add a DNS entry to make a subdomain pointing to the private IP of my device etc… It contrasts a lot with the details of the creation of dns api token.