Share password without viewing

Hello! I use Vault Warder and created a user with the role of “manager”. I granted this user access to a specific collection, but without the ability to view passwords. However, after installing the Bitwarden extension in Google Chrome, the user can see passwords during autofill. This may be unexpected, as according to the settings, they should not be able to see the passwords.

Later Here User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help Center
I found description of permissions “Can view, except password” and “Can edit, except password”. But it does not protect password, because user can use it via auto-fill. It was surprised for me.
My goal is create account for my manager who can be responsible for sharing passwords, but without the ability to see passwords, especially via auto-fill. How can I adjust it?

You can not. If you give access to a collection you give that user the ability to show the ciphers in there, and also to decrypt them.

This is also stated at the documentation of Bitwarden User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help Center it says prevent easy copy-paste not render it impossible.