Set Icon Server URL Globally

Hello. I am very new to bitwarden_rs. I was wondering if there is a way to set a custom Icons Server URL on the server-side. I know there is a way to do that on the mobile apps when singing in but was wondering if there is either a flag I can run when starting the docker container or by chaining some config file. Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks, Jack

Hello @jstockley,

May I ask why you want to do that? What is the reason to change this?

Hello, thanks for the response. The reason I was hoping to change this is because some of the icons for logins aren’t available and when I change the ICONS server url in the bitwarden app it doesn’t seem to stick after reopening the application.

Could you share which sites do not show these icons then i can go and see if we can fix that.

All sites i have tested work on both bitwarden_rs and bitwarden it self.
So if we can improve let us know which failed and I’ll try to see if that can be added or fixed.

The major websites are canva dot com, krispykreme dot com, pexels dot com, southwest dot com, waze dot com, and yelp dot com. The rest are local IPs. Is there any way I could create custom logos for those and add them to my bitwarden install?

Ill see what happens with those sites on my environment, and where possible fix it if needed.

Regarding the local ip’s, this is blocked by default.

With that option set to false it should check local IP also.

This is probably a stupid question but how do I go about editing that file within my docker container?

Not. With docker you need to add it as environment args or with docker compose you add it to the environment tag using -e Like here Disable registration of new users · dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs Wiki · GitHub .

You can use multiple -e after each other.

I ran my docker container with this environment tag ‘-e ICON_BLACKLIST_NON_GLOBAL_IPS=false’ and they local IP icons still don’t show up. Am I running it with the correct tag?

They are probably listed now as miss files in the icon_cache folder within the data folder. Try to remove all the files ending on .miss.

I did checked a few sites, and tried to see if we would be able to fetch the icons, but that isn’t possible.
Some sites don’t have an icon at all, at least not at the page they provide when not using an actual browser. And a few others are using CloudFlare protection which prevents us from downloading the favicons or main html site.

btw, adding custom icon’s is sort of possible if you just download the correct image and name it the correct way and put it in the icon_cache folder. But it is a bit cumbersome maybe.

The reason I’m interested in this global Icon server “redirect” perhaps, is that I don’t want my vaultwarden/bitwarden_rs instance making all sorts of outgoing requests… which in most cases gets blocked by the firewall as not on the allow-list.

Then i suggest you configure your reverse proxy to pass those request to or which ever other system you want. I think it will make vaultwarden have to much options and exception for these kind of niche features.

If adding one, others will want other icon providers with all there different implementations apart from the built-in version.

Most people do not want to use an external provider because of security and privacy.