Replace identifier in event log with actual name of the item


is there any way to replace the identifier in the organisations event log by the actual name of the item.
When someone deletes an item and i want to quickly find out who it was and which entry it was, it will get annoying, bc at some point it isn´t even in the recycle bin anymore?
Instantly seeing the name would be much easier imo.

Is there any way to achieve this?

One workaround could be customizing your logging settings to include both the identifier and item name. Also, some platforms have third-party plugins or scripts that might help with this.

The client interface should support that, but it doesn’t. Also, the server doesn’t know the names, and thus can not store that either. It would also be an information disclosure if it would be possible.

So, the web-vault should be adding support for that, but for items that are deleted that would be again an issue, no way to determine the name of it, since it is not stored in plain text.

Ok, I initially assumed that the database would store the actual name of the item aswell. So… no solution for that for now?

No solution ever unless the clients will convert it. But that still leaves out deleted items.

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