Recommended version of PostgreSQL to use with Vaultwarden

Hi I’m Vaultwarden version 2.25.1 which is the latest docker image. I’m running vaultwarden tied to a postgresql docker container. I’m using the bitnami:/postgresql image. When I originally converted from the mysqlite version I converted using postgresql 11. I’ve noticed if I upgrade the bitnami container to use postgresql 14 I can an error starting the postgresql container stating the data was built on version 11 that isn’t compatible with version 14.

My question is in regards to recommended postgresql versions. What version is recommended? If I’m running on postgresql11 is there a proper method to upgrade or rebuild the data to use postgresql14 – or is this not recommended? I’m sorry I really don’t know a lot about the innerworking between postgresql versions.

I’ve read the postgresql documentation about upgrading major versions located here: PostgreSQL: Documentation: 14: 19.6. Upgrading a PostgreSQL Cluster. Is it advisable to run a second database installation in parallel and upgrade via this method?