Prometheus Metrics

Does Vaultwarden expose a health endpoint with Prometheus metrics? It would be awesome if we had metrics for things like:

Total Number of Accounts
Number of unique logins over time
Failed logins over time
General Health Status
Memory usage
CPU usage

None of these items are exposed via any metric endpoint.
There is an /admin/users endpoint which provides some user info. But thats about it. There is no internel memory usage or cpu usage being measured at all. For stuff like that i would suggest to use docker info or something.

Failed logins etc… is also not stored, so no way to provide those items.

Is it worth submitting a FR for some of these to be stored or at least logged? I could write an exporter or something then. Not sure if it’s in line with the project but since I’m running this in kubernetes I’m trying to find ways to export some metrics. If there is any chance it might happen I’m happy to write up a detailed FR. If not I’d rather not bother you folks with it.

Im not sure if that will be a feature that will be used a lot and it probably also needs maintenance once in a while. And if no main contributor is using it them self that will be hard to maintain in my opinion.