Offline access with two factor auth


I’ve been running vaultwarden for some time now and I have to say it’s superb, love it.
One thing that’s bothering me though is what do I do if I’m offline?
My vaultwarden runs in a datacenter and I had those times where my Internet uplink got lost and with it access to my passwords.

I need a solution for that.
For security purposes I’m using a second factor for authentication. I have setup a FIDO2 key and as a backup for that an OTP key.
Every time I connect to my password database via browser plugin I get asked for both password and second factor. That’s how I want it because I consider a protection with password only too weak.

Is my understanding correct that due to that very choice I loose the possibility of offline access to my vault? If so are there best practices to work around this?

Thank you!

About the offline uplink issue:

My vaultwarden runs also on an external datacenter (a dedicated server), but I keep a synchronized installation on a raspberry pi 4 at home. It’s just a matter of basically copying the sqlite database from the “master” to the local copy (so no actual synchronization here).

If, in case of emergency, I need a password and my server and/or my connectivity is down, I can always login to the instance at home… (manually, but as I said, it’s for emergencies).