No MFA menu otion in organization settings

I’d like to try setting up Duo MFA with my VW server, and followed the links from the VW docs to the Bitwarden documentation for setting up Duo. In the docs it says to go to the organization’s settings page and select the “Two-step Login” option…only problem is that I don’t have that option on my organization’s settings page. The only option in the left menu is My Organization (

Do I need to do something extra to enable MFA for my org?

The “Two-step Login” policy can be found in the “Manage” tab under “Policies”.

This may also help

It seems Vaultwarden doesn’t support all the 2FA functions for organizations as of yet. But a global duo setting can be added via the /admin page

or via environmental variables

version: '3'

      - _enable_duo=true
      - duo_ikey= #Replace_with_your_Duo_Integration_Key
      - duo_skey= #Replace_with_your_Duo_Secret_Key
      - duo_host= #Replace_with_your_Duo_API_Hostname

Ok, thanks for the clarification. That’s helpful to know!