No emails are sent but no errors in logs

Hi, I host bitwardenrs in Docker on a Synology NAS. Everything seems to work fine except I don’t get any verification emails when I try to change email for instance. I also don’t see any errors in the logs only stuff like “POST /api/accounts/email-token (post_email_token) => 200 OK”. Any ideas what I’m missing? Cheers

Hello @yadiyadida,

Have you also tried the test e-mail functionaliteit in the admin interface and see what message you get over there?

Hi @BlackDex and thank you for your reply!
Oh I just realised that I didn’t have the admin panel activated even. Where can I find more information about what environment variables I might want to set when I spin up the container? Also I’ve just started using docker compose so I might want to put all that in there I guess.

For the admin interface you need to generate an admin token and add that to the environment variables.