Multiple yubikeys: howto configure environment variables

I would like to configure more than 1 yubikey as u2f with bitwarden_rs.
How does the environment variable look for this?
is it like

or are values comma-separated?
thanks a lot in advance,

If you mean the environment variables like YUBICO_SECRET_KEY and the rest, you only need to configure them once per installation, then all users can start using their yubikeys independently, you have to configure them from the user settings page in the web vault

Hi Dani,
thanks for the prompt reply.
But then: what is it all about, that one has to register only one specific yubikey with why is this necesary? what makes this key “special”?
I know this is not a specific bitwarden_rs question, but maybe you might know.
I could not find the answer with bitwarden itself.
Thanks in advance

You aren’t really registering the specific yubikey there, it’s just a way for them to check you bought one I assume, to prevent fraud or misuse or something. The key is not special by itself, and it won’t make a difference which key you use to login, once you get the secret key and client id that will work the same for any number of keys.

Hi Dani, thanks for clearing up things here! I appreciate.