Migrating FROM mysql back to sqlite

Hi. So a few months ago I decided to migrate bitwarden from sqlite to my centralize mysql instance. Everything worked perfectly!

Now though, for ease of backup(would like to zfs send my entire bitwarden jail to another location) I would prefer to go back to sqlite. I’ve tried using this script (mysql2sqlite/mysql2sqlite at master · dumblob/mysql2sqlite · GitHub) to convert the mysql dump to sqlite. It seemed to mostly work, however, when I tested logging out and back in my password was no longer recognized. Is there any supported way of going from mysql back to sqlite? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

As a side note, are there any HA solutions for bitwarden_rs?


See: Migrating from MariaDB (MySQL) to SQLite · dani-garcia/vaultwarden Wiki · GitHub

There is no HA available. If you search this forum you should find some articles which will explain what could work and what not.

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To respond here as this is something I’ve looked at wanting to play with, it would mostly depend on your implementation of Vaultwarden I believe.
Not sure how Vaultwarden would act with SQLite on a shared storage (most likely would not imaging it would work well being “opened” by multiple Vaultwarden instances, but perhaps in a failover situation), but I would imagine the easiest would be to use a truly shared database such as MariaDB or PostgreSQL, connected to multiple Vaultwarden containers, all behind a load balancer.