Lose access to passwords on android app everytime server is not reachable

I have vaultwarden running on my unraid server and noticed that the bitwarden android app logs me out + doesn’t allow logging in again, whenever the server is not reachable. I was under the impression that you should at least be able to access the passwords from the last sync even if the server isn’t available, just that you can’t resync. A few times recently, the server has become unresponsive for one reason or another while I’ve been away from home and I’ve lost access to all my passwords till I get back home to rectify the issue. Is there away to ensure I have continuous access to my passwords? Thanks

Been doing some further reading and it seems that sometimes bitwarden app will log out when it receives a 403 error from the server. Redirecting 403 to 404 fixes this according to some other threads I read. How can I redirect 403 to 403 just for vaultwarden domain? It’s a CloudFlare domain reverse proxied with Traefik through a CloudFlare tunnel if that helps