Local only set-up question

Hello everyone, setting up vaultwarden in docker on ubuntu server 22.04 using portainer. My settings are:
- vaultwarden/server:latest
- Manual network port publishing
- host 80 → container 80
- Volumes
- /data
- Restart Policy
- Unless stopped

I can connect with http with no problem and can create the user and set everything up, however before doing so i wanted to double check that i understand correctly.

  • as i have not published the same port on my firewall it should be save to use http, correct?
  • will i be able to sync the vault with mobile devices?

As it tradition to say - i am new to homelab and wanted to make sure that i am not missing smth.
P.S i tried googling, but mostly for local set up people can’t get smth to work or access the web-gui, for me it works out of the box, so I am more concerned if i understand correctly what it is doing.

Port 80 is HTTP, and will only work via localhost.
If you want to access it abroad, you need to use HTTPS.

hey, thanks a lot for the reply!
just to be sure - so it’s secure and safe to use if i want it to be accessible local only?