Local network https configuration

Following the documentation regarding https using Rocket TLS and base64 pem cert and key I cannot get the web portal to open for the installation. The goal is to run bitwarden within my local network with no access from the outside. The container runs, however upon navigating to the page it quickly reaches a blank screen and prompts “refused to connect”. When looking at the logs the following is prompted: “[rocket::config::error][ERROR] the configuration key development.tls.keys is unknown and disallowed in this position”

Below I have the configuration I used to run the container:
docker run -d --restart always --name bitwarden -e ROCKET_TLS=’{certs=“ssl/cert.pem”,keys=“ssl/key.pem”}’ -v /home/ubuntu/docker/bw-data/:/data/ -v /home/ubuntu/ssl/self-signed/:/ssl/ -p 9443:80 bitwardenrs/server:latest

I’ve looked through discourse and github for this error or similar issue for local network configuration, but there is nothing I have found. Appreciate any help.

For anyone who has this issue, I fixed it by a typo in the run command. In the environment variable ROCKET_TLS “keys” should be “key”. The following command is now fixed by running this command with the fixed typo:
docker run -d --restart always --name bitwarden -e ROCKET_TLS=’{certs=“ssl/cert.pem”,key=“ssl/key.pem”}’ -v /home/ubuntu/docker/bw-data/:/data/ -v /home/ubuntu/ssl/self-signed/:/ssl/ -p 9443:80 bitwardenrs/server:latest