Invalid admin token

Hi, running VaultWarden (just pull the latest, 2.20.4) on my Synology.

I’ve stopped the container, went to the Environment tab, added ‘ADMIN_TOKEN’ and some string…started the container again, went to https://FQDN/admin, put in the string for my token and it tells me “invalid admin token”?

DId I miss something?

Thanks in Adavnced.

Did you restarted it?
Are there some strange characters in the string maybe?

I don’t think “dB98pcY” is too much… :grin:

Do you happen to have a config.json file within your Vaultwarden ./vw-data folder?

If so you may check that as this will override any admin token set by environment variables.

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ah, indeed, config.json contains a different value. I tested it and it worked.

I removed that line and tested it again with my value that I set in environment variable and IT TOTALLY WORKED!